The Plot for new SUPERMAN Film Revealed?

MovieSupermanby Joey Paur

Just the other day it was announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the new Superman reboot film for Warner Bros. David Goyer wrote the script for the film, which apparently was rushed, and kind of a mess, and until now we really had no idea what the movie could possibly be about. 

So what's in store for us with this new Superman flick? Vulture has learned that the story will follow the journalist Clark Kent traveling the world “trying to decide if he should, in fact, even become Superman.”

So it's going to end up being a retelling of Superman's origin story? That's exactly what I didn't want to see. It certainly sounds like the story was pulled from the twelve issue comic book series called Superman: Birthright, whcih was released in in 2003 and 2004. The comic was created by Mark Waid, and it's purpose was to streamline the comic origin making it similar to both the movies (with Superman Returns then on the horizon) as well as Smallville. 

In the story, Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early twenties, covering news stories around the world. At one point he's forced to use his super powers. This results in Kent returning to Smallville to learn more about his alien heritage and make the decision to become Superman. 

I can't say I'm too excited for the direction they are taking the story. It sounds way too much like what's been done in the TV show Smallville. But Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing... right? 

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