Zack Snyder was Hired to Rush a Messy SUPERMAN Script into Production

It's been revealed that Zack Snyder was not Warner Bros. first choice as the director of the new Superman movie reboot. Apparently David Goyer's script was "rushed, is still a bit of a mess." Warner Bros. needed someone that could take Goyer's messy script and polish it up really quick. According to the report from Vulture, the studio needed someone who wouldn't spend "months or even years trying to get it just right (i.e. Aronofsky), because time is the one thing they don't have: The studio must have a new Superman movie in production by 2011 or they'll be subject to potential lawsuits by the heirs of the superhero's creators." 

So Snyder was pretty much the result of a studio that needed a director to be hired imminently to rush the film into production. Good grief.  "Privately, even Snyder has confided to agency sources that the current Superman script needs work, but clearly Warner Bros. believes he can get it done faster than Aronofsky." It sounds like they wanted Aronofsky, but he actually wanted to do the movie right. The studio wanted someone to do the movie fast. 

Well, that doesn't sound very promising at all. They are going to rush this thing into production, and develop a half-assed Superman film, which is exactly what fans don't want to see. I guess we can be thankful they didn't bring in Brett Ratner or Steven Sommers to do it.

My faith in this Superman project is dwindling. It's never a good thing when a studio rushes a film into production. What do you all think?

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