Karl Urban gives a Little JUDGE DREDD Plot Point

I'm excited to see Karl Urban take on the role of Judge Dredd! This is a perfect character for him to play, and there is absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that he will do a better job than Sylvester Stallone. Urban has talked about the film several times revealing that the movie is going to be a much darker and grittier version that will be more faithful to the comic books. 

In a recent interview with Collider Urban revealed a small bit of information regarding the films plot, which we haven't heard much about. He said,

Its going to be gritty, hardcore, realistic(he reiterates) and its essentially a day in the life of Dredd as he puts his rookie through her paces.

That's a classic plot formula for several different cop movies that have been made, but this time it's with Judge Dredd. The interview goes on to reveal that the film will have much violence, which is great! After all, we've always wanted to see a dark, gritty and violent Judge Dredd movie. 

Oh! And the rookie that he is referring to is Judge Anderson, which is being played by Olivia Thirlby.

Dredd is set to be directed by Pete Travis and will be released in theaters in 2012. 

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