New Software Allows for Actors to Lose and Gain Weight without all the Hard Work

German scientists have developed computer software that can make an actor appear thinner, fatter, taller, younger, older or more buff on screen. This will take out any need for actors to to loose or gain weight for certain roles in the films they star in. This will eliminate any health risk to the actors by gaining or losing dangerous amounts weight to fit a certain role. A perfect example of this is Christian Bale, when he lost a sickly amount of weight for The Machinist, only to get beefed up again for his role as Batman. That transformation was not a healthy one and their were some issues. 

The software can alter an actor's muscle tone or body shape and can be used on existing video material. In one test of the program, scientists took a sequence of "Baywatch" and buffed up a lead actor, making him seem even more muscular than in real life.

You can also use the software to change a persons age like David Fincher did with Brad Pit in The Curious case of Benjamin Button. The software can do it faster and with less computing power. Christian Theobalt, one of the scientists who developed the software said, "What would take days using conventional SFX software our model can do in a matter of hours."

Here's a video demonstration of the new software below.

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