Star Wars Jedi Bath Robes!

Yes, I would gladly and confidently walk around my own home wearing one of these Star Wars Jedi bath robes! Wouldn't you? Here is a full description of the officially licensed Star Wars bath robes.

When a Jedi isn’t busy being a Jedi - gallivanting across the galaxy, negotiating trade disputes, or cutting the arms off of loudmouth bar patrons, they’re often found at home, relaxing on their easy-chairs and sipping on white-russians. It’s true. Nothing is more important to a Jedi than serenity. Comfort, for a Jedi in repose, is key, so when he lounges, you won’t find him wrapped in many layers of cotton. No. You won’t find him in ridiculously elaborate and colorful gowns with insane headdresses and clown makeup. The most relaxed jedi are often found in his soft terrycloth bathrobes. This sumptuous dressing gown is warm and luxurious - perfect for those strong with The Force who are taking a vacation, going bowling, or having their persian rugs cleaned. Sure, if you wanted to go out, whip out your lightsaber and start cutting down Sith, that’s, like, your prerogative, man. Just remember, a Jedi abides. One size fits all, though Jawas may need a bit of alteration.

You can get your own Jedi bath robe at Think Geek for $99 bucks.

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