What we'll see in Next Season's ROBOT CHICKEN!

Seth Green and the rest of the Robot Chicken team showed a preview of next season's Robot Chicken to a crowd of fans at New York Comic Con, and from the sound of it, it's going to be awesome! Here are some of the things that are in store for us next season!


  • The third Star Wars special will be an hour long, and it will feature "a somewhat cohesive plot that runs from before The Phantom Menace to after Return of the Jedi... The story starts with the Emperor mulling over his life right after Darth Vader throws him down the Death Star shaft." It was revealed that Geoff Johns wrote some sketches for the special, and the episode will feature the voices of Zach Efron and Billy Dee Williams.
  • The Christmas special features Superman and Santa reenacting the famous race between Superman and the Flash.
  • Seth Green's favorite sketch from the new season is titled "Blue Rabbits Fucking", and it features the N'avi (and everything else on Pandora) getting down to an R&B slow jam sung by Fallout Boy's Patrick Stump.
  • They are doing a Twilight video game, and they said, "A lot happens in that video game." They'll also be tackling the question of whether a 109-year-old Edward should really be dating a teenager.
  • There will be spoofs of Transformers 3Tron, and Harry Potter, plus a psychotic Home Alone spoof featuring the voice of Macauley Culkin himself.
  • They are really going after The Lord of the Rings this time around with about a dozen Gandalf sketches this season, plus stuff on J.R.R. Tolkien Jr. and a more juvenile version of Lord of the Rings.
  • There will also be Captain America parody that they say is "very Chris Evans."


The third Star Wars special airs December 12, and the Christmas special on December 19. The fifth season starts up in early 2011. I can't wait for this next season to start up!

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