Adam Sandler Collaborator Tim Herlihy to Write PIXELS


Happy Madison Productions has hired Saturday Night Live writing Alumni Tim Herlihy to write the big screen adaptation of the awesome short film Pixels

Herlihy has been a part of Adam Sandler's movie world since the 90's and is credited as the co-writer of several films such as Billy MadisonHappy GilmoreThe Wedding SingerThe WaterboyBig DaddyBedtime Stories and more. 

This should be a really fun movie, the short film was pretty freakin' awesome. Back in May the rights to the short were picked up by Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison Productions. 

The film was created by Patrick Jean, and it shows New York City being attacked by an epic army of early arcade game characters, including Pac-Man and Space Invaders who drop their little bombs down on the city destroying everything in a glory of Pixels. 

If you missed the short film, you can watch it below. Enjoy!

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