Matt Smith Wants Cybermen In Next Season Of DOCTOR WHO

Current Doctor Who star Matt Smith says he wants the Cybermen to make a proper appearance in the next series, which will be shooting very soon.  And he doesn't want them to be the alternate universe Cybermen that appeared during David Tennant's tenure--he says he wants to meet the Cybermen from the era of his hero, Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor, in quotes attributed to Smith by FemaleFirst.  A few of the new series Cybermen made a brief appearance in the two part season finale earlier this year.

"Who would I like to face from the old series? Well I've not really properly faced a Cyberman yet. But I want it to be an old school Cyberman like the ones in 'Tomb of the Cybermen'."

Co-star Karen Gillan, who portrays the Eleventh Doctor's companion Amy Pond, echoes his sentiments:

"I've faced one - a one-armed one. But I would like to face them again."

Showrunner Steven Moffat has expressed an aversion to using too many classic monsters, but he did break down and give us episodes involving the Daleks and Silurians last season, and Sontarans, Autons, and Cybermen briefly appeared at the end of the season.  Maybe he'll break down and give Smith what he wants.

What other classic monsters do you guys want to see dusted off?  Speak up in the comments below.


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