Here are some new details on the recently announced Silent Hill: Revelation 3D to be directed by Michael J. Bassett.

Initiallly, reports about the sequel were hard to come by, but Bassett recently talked to Empire and here are a few morsels of information from that discussion. He was fairly guarded about the info he gave but he did state that...

"it's going to be a sequel to the first film whilst trying to remain true to the plot of game 3, and will also work as a stand-alone movie for people who don't know the series." 

That would confirm that the film's protagonist would be Heather Mason, who is on the run and searching for clues about her father's disappearance.  On the eve of her 18th birthday, Heather begins to experience dreams of Silent Hill that lead her closer to solving the mystery.

Despite reports that Roger Avary would be writing the script,  Bassett has already written a script. His script is reported not to be a re-draft but his own work, which means that Avary could be off the project. Bassett went on to comment on the script writing process...

"It was a real challenge writing it," he tells us, "and I spent a long time revisiting the games and reading just about every little piece of material I could find on the mythology. Of course, my choices may not please everyone, but the ambition is to give the audience a twisted, intense and terrifying experience, following a really interesting story, anchored by a terrific cast giving great performances. It's more than you get from most horror movies these days, I know, but I figure why not aim high and try to bring a bit of quality back to a genre that's rarely treated with respect?"

Michael J. Bassett also released a statement via his own website praising the original direction that Christopher Gans took with the first film.  Bassett hopes to bring back as many members of the original creative team for the sequel as possible to help craft the look and feel of the Silent Hill world.  He comments on his website that...

"I'm determined to deliver a movie that... gives the audience more nuanced characters, a compelling story, and some terrifying new monsters... as well as bringing back a few favourites..."

This project sounds like it has a lot of potential and I hope that Bassett and his team can bring a successful video game adaption to life.  Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will begin shooting in Toronto this winter.


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