Awesome Trailer for the short Film BEYOND BLACK MESA inspired by Half-Life

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

Hey Gang! I've got one hell of an awesome trailer to share with you today! This is for a short film called Beyond Black Mesa, and it was inspired by the video game Half-Life.

This looks like it would make for a great film! I'm sure a studio will see this and snatch up the rights to it any day now and want to turn it into a feature-length film. The short film was directed by Brian Curtin, shot on a budget of $1,200, and the story follows a band of resistance fighters trying to get out a message about an impending invasion. 

This was incredibly well made and the effects are great. I can't wait to see the full short when it's released online. I'm just as excited about seeing this as I am any of the other films coming out in the near future. This seriously looks better than most of the crap Hollywood is developing these days. 

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think!

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