Commercial Director Fredrik Bond set to Direct Sci-Fi Film YEAR 12

Commercial director Fredrik Bond has signed on to direct a new sci-fi film called Year 12, which if being produced by Joe Roth (Alice In Wonderland, Tears of the Sun). 

The script was written by Edward Ricourt, and the story takes place 12 years after aliens have invaded Earth. Set in Manhattan, the story follows an underwater uranium miner who is recruited by the human resistance to smuggle uranium in his blood so they can use it to blow up the alien mothership.

Bond is a pretty talented individual who's made some really fun commercials and music videos, such as Moby's Body Rock. It will be cool to see how he does as a feature film director. 

Bond has previously been attached to direct Hack/Slash and the English-language remake of The Host.

Here are some of the commercials Bond has directed. The guy has a really fun style.

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