Brett Ratner Talks about Zack Snyder directing SUPERMAN

Does anyone really care what Brett Ratner thinks about Zack Snyder directing the new Superman reboot? Well, in a recent interview with MTV, the X-Men III director talks about it, as well as what he would do if he were directing it. Oh! And he takes credit for the new Superman logo design. 

Here's what the Rat had to say,

Is there envy? Maybe a little. It was a dream of mine to make a Superman movie. I think Zack was a good choice, an interesting choice. I'm going to be the first one in line to see that movie. I can't wait.

I think we can all be grateful that Ratner's dream didn't come true. And no, he won't be the first in line to see the movie. It would be interesting to find out who actually is the first person in line for the film. He goes on to say,

Zack is a great visual director. It wasn't easy. I was a part of that for about a year. It was a challenge. It's hard to make a guy in tights with a cape relevant right now. It needs an interpretation...It needs a contemporary, visionary guy who can really take something and reinvent it for a contemporary audience and make it relevant. He's definitely in the zeitgeist. He's a great technical filmmaker, a great storyteller.

I think Snyder will make a very fun and exciting Superman film, but will it be the best out of the out of the bunch? That has yet to be seen. 

I love this next part in the interview where Ratner takes credit for reinventing the new Superman logo. 

I reinvented the logo, which I think they ended up using. I can't exactly tell, because I don't know if the red they're using is the red I picked. I did this incredible R & D.

Oh, so Ratner chose a certain shade of red for the logo, and that was contribution to the new logo? What a crock. I'm sure he's made some kind of Superman logo, but almost all the Superman logo's have a similar look, so I guess he'll take credit for whatever logo they do end up using, regardless if it was his or not. 

He concluded saying,

I'm really happy for him. I'm not an envious guy. I love filmmakers.

Watch the video interview below and let us know what you think. 

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