Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick Are going to Develop new HULK TV Series!

Last month a rumor hit the net that director Guillermo Del Toro, and Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick were going to make a pitch to Disney and Marvel to develop a new live-action Hulk TV series. Turns out the rumor was true, and they are finalizing the deal with Marvel TV and ABC right now! How freakin' awesome is that! We really couldn't ask for a better more talented development team to bring the Hulk back to the TV. There aren't many details on the project yet, but the series will follow an origin story,

In it, physicist Bruce Banner, whose alter ego is the green and raging Hulk, will be in his mid-twenties, less reactive and more energized as the world is still his oyster. Unlike the two Hulk movies, in which the monster was a pure CGI creation, the series will employ a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI. 

This will be the first in several Marvel TV projects that will go into production. Del Toro and Eick will develop the story for the pilot script together, sharing story and created by credit. Eick is set to write the script, and Del Toro is attached to direct depending on his availability. Deadline also reports that Del Toro "will also oversee the designing of the Hulk character, which is expected to draw on previous comic book incarnations, as well as the original 1978-82 Incredible Hulk TV series, with a few wild tweaks on the old look."

There is obviously a ton of prep work that need to be done, but Marvel wants to launch the series following the July 2012 release of The Avengers. Del Toro's been wanting to make the Hulk since he pursued the feature film back in 2002. He ended up doing Blade IIHere's what he had to say about the project,

I have always been attracted at the combination of comic book heroics and monsters, Jack Kirby's Demon or Kamandi or DC's Deadman or Marvel's Dr. Strange, Morbius, Metamorpho, Mike Mignola's Hellboy, etc... We coalesced a respectful but powerful way of retelling the Banner/Hulk story in a fresh way.

I couldn't be more awesomely excited that Del Toro and Eick are developing this Hulk TV series. This is going to be one hell of a Hulk TV series, and there's no doubt it's going to be great.

What do you all think about Del Toro and Eick developing The Incredible Hulk for TV?

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