Must Watch Spike Jonez Music Video for ARCADE FIRE - The Suburbs

MusicVideosby Joey Paur

The new Spike Jones directed music video for Arcade Fire's The Suburbs was released today, and it's pretty damn awesome. 

The video starts out playful, but it eventually turns into a very interesting dark beast. I wish I knew what was actually going on here, because it looks really interesting. I wonder if this is part of the sci-fi B movie short that he was wroking on with the band earlier this year? I guess we'll eventually find out. 

Here's what the band lead Win Butler had this to say about the short film in a previous interview:

It’s not a video. It’s a short film; we’re still working on it. It’s like a science-fiction B-movie companion piece for the record. Basically, we played Spike some music from the album and the first images that came to his mind had the same feeling as this idea for a science fiction film I had when I was younger. My brother and I and Spike wrote it together, which was really fun– it was like total amateur hour. We shot it in Austin and a lot of kids are in the film, and it was great just hanging out with these 15-year-olds for a week and writing down all the funny things they said. It was cool to revert to being a 15-year-old for a little while.

It definitely sounds like this video has the same elements from the short film he's been working. Personally, I think the video plays out more like a short film than a music video anyway. Check it out below and tell us what you think!



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