New Family Guy Star Wars Spoof Recreates the Original Trailer for RETURN OF THE JEDI

Seth MacFarlane and his team are prepping up to launch their third Family Guy Star Wars spoof, It's a Trap, which is sure to be just as funny as the first two Star Wars spoofs they made. 

Apparently It's a Trap will be the final Star Wars spoof from MacFarlane. He has said in the past that he won't touch the prequel. At Comic-Con this last year he had this to say...

This last one almost killed us. It would be too expensive. The problem is we try to be as faithful as possible to the look of those movies and to do that with the prequels, I don’t think TV budgets have reached that level yet.

This new trailer that's been released for It's a Trap is pretty much a shot for shot remake of the original trailer for Return of the Jedi, which is what really makes it enjoyable. The new DVD will be released on Dec. 21st. Enjoy the trailer!

Here is the original trailer so you compare the two.

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