Sports Stars Recreate Scenes from Famous Films in ESPN Magazine

MoviePhotosby Joey Paur

It looks like ESPN is starting to cater to all the movie geeks out there. I'm not really that into sports, but I like what ESPN is doing! If you recall, the magazine recently gave some NBA players a Marvel superhero makeover

Their next issue, called Movie Spectacular, hits shelves on November 29th, and it features some pretty awesome images of actual sports stars recreating scenes from some of their favorite movies such as Back to the FutureThe Hangover, Caddyshack, Anchorman, Pulp Fiction and Basic Instinct. The photos feature some of the biggest names in sports like Danica Patrick, Chad Ochocinco and Lindsey Vonn.

This issue of ESPN will have articles about about lesser known movie stars like Chelcie Ross who has had roles in Hoosiers, Rudy and Major League. It's got an article that tells a story of trying to pitch a book in Hollywood and even an essay on how geeks have taken over sports movies.

Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think! Here's a rundown of who's in what photo:

The Hangover: Cincinatti Bengals’ Tank Johnson, Dhani Jones and Chad Ochocinco

Caddyshack: Buffalo Sabers Goalie Ryan Miller

Pulp Fiction: Seattle Mariners’ pitchers Garret Olson and Felix Hernandez

Anchorman: driver Danica Patrick

Basic Instinct: Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn

Back to the Future: Clippers G Baron Davis, Pro Skater Terry Kennedy

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