Zemeckis Not Remaking THE WIZARD OF OZ

Well it looks like the news of Robert Zemeckis developing a remake of The Wizard of Oz from the original screenplay for the 1939 classic is not going to happen, at least not with Zemeckis.

According to EW, Zemeckis did meet with the studio to discuss the possibility of an Oz remake. EW is now reporting that Zemeckis' rep stated that the...

"filmmaker is definitely not going to pursue the project" “The reports that Robert Zemeckis is doing The Wizard of Oz are absolutely false.”

It had been reported that the project was still in the preliminary stages so this type of occurrence is very common.  Zemeckis will continue to focus on his 3D remake of The Yellow Submarine.  So for now The Wizard of Oz remake has been slowed down.  I am sure that the studio will likely still remake the film it is just a matter of when and with what director.  

Are you happy or disappointed about this news?  If they were to do a remake what other directors would you like to see helming the project?

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