Badass Jedi Quinlan Vos Joins STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS! See him in Action

All around badass Jedi Quinlan Vos is the star of several Dark Horse Star Wars comics, and the character is going to make an appearance in the third season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Today we bring you the first clip of Quinlan from the show.  I love that this series is incorporating other parts of the Star Wars expanded universe. 

For those of you that haven't read the Star Wars comic, here's a little background and information of the character.

Quinlan Vos was a Kiffar Jedi Master in the Jedi Order and a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He hailed from the planet Kiffu in the Inner Rim Territories.

With long, dreadlocked hair and a band of pale yellow across his upper face, Vos was gifted with psychometric powers which allowed him to "read memories" from inanimate objects through physical contact.

Vos had an ongoing struggle with the dark side of the Force, particularly after he sustained recurrent amnesia after he overdosed on an illegal drug administered by an enemy shortly after the Battle of Naboo. The Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus both showed an interest in him.

He was a prominent participant in the Clone Wars, one of the few survivors of the Great Jedi Purge and, with his lover Khaleen Hentz, conceived a son named Korto Vos.

Vos was openly disdainful to clones, which lead to him being disliked by clones and hated by Sergeant Kal Skirata.

Watch the Clone Wars clip below and hit us up with your thoughts on the character joining the show. 

io9 gives us a few other reasons as to why Vos is the greatest Jedi:

1. He's the only one who's got his eye on the ball, looking for the hidden Sith Lord instead of getting distracted with some ridonkulous trade war. If a few other Jedi were busy looking for Darth Sidious, the whole thing would be over in a day or two.

2. He's like a Ninja Jedi, sneaking through the shadows and spying on the bad guys instead of blundering around with a Clone Army at his side. And he's comfortable having lots of friends in low places.

3. He doesn't know he's just a bit player in the Star Wars saga — he thinks he's the main character. Which should be a given for any good character, but seldom seems to be the case. Quinlan really thinks he's going to be the one to track down Darth Sidious and end all this carnage. He hasn't gotten the memo that this is just Anakin's story.

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