Franklin Roosevelt vs. Werewolves in FDR: AMERICAN BADASS!

Movieby Joey Paur

I love this! But, where in the bloody hell did it come from!? Production Weekly is reporting that a new movie called FDR: American Badass is going to start production in Los Angeles next month! The film will involve President Franklin D. Roosevelt battling werewolves! Here is the tweet they sent out,

Move over “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” here comes “FDR: American Badass” - Franklin Roosevelt vs. Werewolves - filming next month in LA.

I haven't been able to find any more information on this movie at all. That seems a little odd for a film that is going to start production next month. I imagine this is just going to be one of those fun little low-budget direct-to-DVD movies, which is perfectly fine! I'll still watch based on the information that's been released so far.

What do you all think about FDR battling werewolves? 

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