Rumor Control: Charlize Theron,Vera Farmiga, and Kacie Thomas Up For Love Interest Roles in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES


The Dark Knight Rises has been gaining momentum since director Christopher Nolan announced the film's title last week.  Today, we can drop the names of some actresses who are being considered for Batman's "leading lady" roles.  Thanks to our friends over at Collider. Remember, these are all rumors right now!

The internet is going crazy this afternoon over names like Charlize Theron, Vera Farmiga and Kacie Thomas all being attached in some capacity to the latest Batman film.  Returning to the "Bat fold" are Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and of course the new acquisition of Tom Hardy (in an as yet unnamed role).

The rumor is that Charlie Theron has been approached to play Detective Sarah Essen, who will be a love interest for Commissioner Gordon (Isn't he married? It doesn't matter these days anyway, does it?). The Essen character dates back to the Frank Miller days so this would be a cool addition.  

As for Farmiga and Thomas, the rumor is these two have already auditioned for the role of Julie Madison, who in the "Bat books" was one of Bruce Wayne's first love interests, dating all the way back to Detective comics #31, which was released back in 1939.

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