Awesome Trailer for the Animated Short Film PATHS OF HATE

Hey gang! You've got to check out this amazing trailer for a short animated film called Paths of Hate. This looks like it will be such a cool film. The Damian Nenow directed film was animated by Poland's Platige Image production house. The trailer shows an awesomely action-packed gritty ariel dogfight, and I really hope I get to see this the full short film at some point.  


Paths of Hate" is a dynamic tale about hatred which is the indispensable element of human nature. Damian Nenow has created a film that matches Visual attractiveness of American action cinema and European reflexive character of author cinema. The audience is being drawn into the middle of a fight, of an unknown origins. The finale of it is a bitter author's comment. 

The trailer really does a great job of getting amped up. Watch it below and tell us what you think.


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