How To Talk To Your Kids About STAR WARS

Face it, one of these day's we are going to have to have 'the talk' with our kids. I'm not talking about the puberty and sex talks either those or easy compared to the Star Wars talk. How are you supposed to introduce them to this incredible franchise? 

Kids these days are growing up on a completely different Star Wars franchise with The Clone Wars, where Anakin Skywalker (the real villain) is actually the hero. 

There's so many different variables to introducing our kids to this franchise. Do you show them the original trilogy first? If so, do you show them your original VHS copies, the remastered DVD, do you wait for them to come out on Blu-ray or even the the 3-D re-release? Or do you start them on the crappy Episode 1 and show the series to them in chronological order? 

The video below addresses all of these issues. I have kids so let me tell you how I did it. I simply started my kids on the original trilogy on DVD which they love, they are also very much into The Clone Wars TV series which is fine because it's a really good series. As for the new Episodes I, II & III are concerned, I showed them The Phantom Menance. They have yet to see the other two yet. Why? Because after The Phantom Menace they aren't interested right now. I don't blame them. Maybe somewhere down the road they'll want to eventually check them out, I'm not forcing it on them though. They still continue to watch and enjoy the original trilogy though.

Check out this funny little video below that was developed by Asylum. When your finished tell us what you think!

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