Stephen King's Top 10 Favorite Films of 2010


Stephen King is one of my favorite authors.  I love reading the books he writes, but I can't always agree with him on his choice of movies. He recently revealed his top 10 favorite films of 2010, and I think you'll be surprised by what they are. I can't believe some of the movies on his list! 

Check out his list below and let us know what you think, do you agree or disagree with the King?

10. Green Zone – “one Iraq war movie that puts story and suspense above shrill outrage.”
9. Jackass 3D
8. Monsters
7. Splice
6. Kick-Ass
5. Takers – “This satisfyingly complex cops-’n'-robbers movie features great performances … and the armored-car heist is the best action sequence I’ve seen this year.”
4. The Social Network – “succeeds where Michael Douglas; Wall Street sequel fails.”
3. Inception
2. The Town – “Bad title, fantastic movie. … a strangely intimare film”
1. Let Me In

It's his list so I can't argue, but Splice and Takers?.... really?! Those movies were terrible. Let Me In was good, but #1? That film to me was nothing special.  Sure it was a well made film, but not as good as the original. As for The Town... I think I was the only person in the world that thought that movie was way overhyped and sucked. 

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