Happy Thanksgiving STAR WARS Action Figure Style!

Nothin says Happy Thanksgiving quite like a Thanksgiving themed Star Wars action figure diarama and thanks to artist and photojournalist Stephen Hayford.
"With the exception of one image, I've always focused my Thanksgiving photos on the feast," says Hayford. "This year I decided to look at the activity leading up to the meal. Han attempts to win over Leia by demonstrating his usefulness in the kitchen, while joking with his helper. Chewie celebrates a nuna-ball goal while Ben feels as though millions of voices screamed out in terror and suddenly didn't cover the point spread. Artoo plays the role of a curious child checking out meal preparation (he's also wondering when he can get a swig of that motor oil on the counter). I downplayed Luke this year, letting him fall out of focus as he sets the table with a new friend (and he clearly is too short to be a stormtrooper). And for the curious, the other nondescript character seen in the back between Han and Leia is Governor Tarkin bringing in extra folding chairs."
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