Adam Barnick Asks You, WHAT IS SCARY?

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Since 2007 Adam Barnick has been inviting people in and out of the horror genre and from all walks of life to call a voicemail number he set up and answer one question as they saw fit: What is scary?


"What is Scary? is an independent documentary that asks and analyzes a basic question that everyone has an answer for, if not an easy answer. While not intending to simply be a list of fears, phobias or “what scares you”, we hope to provoke thought and discussion while entertaining an audience, inside and outside of fans of the horror genre."

"Initial production was simple: A voicemail was set up and people were encouraged to call in and answer the question "What is scary?" as they saw fit. The answers received are from a variety of people in a multitude of professions; friends, family, scholars, artists, filmmakers and more; responses ranging from generalized to deeply personal; spontaneous to intensely thought-out; hilarious to heartbreaking."


  "Taking the audience on a visual and aural journey, its presentation will be through a combination of Ken Burns-styled still images consisting of licensed stock photos; original photographs by the filmmaker and hired photographers, as well as animations. The callers' responses and imagery will be underscored with a feature-length track of ambient sound design."


"What is Scary?" teaser trailer from Adam Barnick on Vimeo.

Check out for more information on this upcoming project. Part documentary. Part art installation. Part social experiment. 
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