First Look: Poster And Trailer for Korean Vamp Flick HERO

Here's our first look at the Korean teen vamp horror flick Hero thanks to First time director Kim Hong-ik has delivered something very special and dark and promises no sparkling vamps or whiny cry emo's. The story deals with teen school bullying which is all too familiar these days, gang violence, sex, betrayal and what we all want to see in a vampire movie which is plenty of blood! Yay!


Sim-dan gets bullied everyday in his school, becomes a vampire after an unexpected accident. After accepting this change, and thanks to his new found power, he saves a blind person who falls onto the track in front of a subway train. His story goes on air on TV news all over the nation, and many people start to call him a Hero. On the other hand, Sim-dan's friends start to wonder about how this power will effect him, and what is the true nature and intent of the dark force rising behind him, that’s returned after such a long sleep.

No author bio. End of line.

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