Adam Green Teases That HATCHET II will Be Available On VOD Starting Dec 1st

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Heck yeah! EW reports that Adam Green's controversial follow up Hatchet II will be available on VOD on Time Warner and Comcast systems starting December 1st.  So for those of you who missed the day and a half theatrical run here's your chance!
AMC theaters released the unrated sequel back on October 1st and pulled it within just a few days, some say due to the MPAA pressure but who knows for sure.
Here's what Green told EW earlier today;
“I’m just happy the movie is finally coming out, The audiences that I got to go and see it with were cheering and laughing. That’s what I’ve got to focus on. I can’t worry about the fact that the movie got pulled for ridiculous reasons.”
Green comments on the MPAA and AMC theaters saying this;
“All we saw was the statement that was released publicly that just said the movie wasn’t performing, But that makes no sense. First of all, it started being pulled on its first day. And what other movie is pulled on its first weekend? Especially an independent movie that’s part of a program called AMC Independent? Isn’t the whole point that you’re going to need word of mouth and time to have the audience find it?”
Green is working hard with some other big name horror guys on the upcoming anthology Chillerama and is also hard at work on writing a children's film along the lines of The Goonies and Monster Squad and I can't wait for this! He's also creating a web series that will focus on two hot, scantily-clad angels from Heaven who battle monsters in children's closets and under their beds. Yay!
“It was great to be so busy on other things and not have to sit and get angry about Hatchet II, My biggest problem is now everyone’s like, ‘Oh, the movie that was yanked from theaters!’ And then they’re going to see it and they’re going to be like, ‘What?’ Because it should have had an R rating, and that was our point the whole time. I don’t want people to be expecting Antichrist or Irreversible or something I like that. I mean, it’s a funny slasher movie. It’s Hatchet II!”
Green wrapped it up saying this about Victor Crowley;
“I’m sure there will be a Hatchet III eventually, and I’ll be involved in some way. I’m not there right now, I’m doing other things. But Victor Crowley will live on!”
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