Are you ready for some Zombies From Outerspace? Well actually from Germany but who's counting!  This fun looking cheese ball of a 50's throw back looks entertaining to say the least and we have some goodies for you today. Feast your alien zombie eyes on the images below, the two posters we have up top and the trailer which is subtitled for your English speaking delight.  the film is currently in post-production and will be released with English subtitles and will have a festival run in 2011. Stay tuned for a spankin new trailer soon too!

While inspecting a crop circle Lieutenant Welles finds a dead alien, and an autopsy of the strange corpse leads Hölzlein to a terrible conclusion. Too late he discovers the connection between the dead women and the inexplicable UFO visitations. Before he can alert the population, however, undead aliens rise from their tombs beneath crop circles throughout the district, their aim to destroy humanity. Will the two rivals, Robert and John, realise in time that their only chance for survival is to work together?

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