GEEKTYRANT WEEKLY PODCAST # 98: Tangled in Love and the King's Speech


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Welcome back, GeekTyrants, and thanks for stopping by. This week, Venkman returns and leads the discussion between Mazer, P. Vader, Ben P., and Tiberius as they tackle reviews for Faster, The King's Speech, Tangled, and Love & Other Drugs. Connect 3 is played, geek news is talked about, good times are had. Listen in and see for yourself. Also, forgive the sound difference between P. Vader and the rest of the guys - that's an audio issue caused by Ben P.'s incompetence. Won't happen again.

Pregame Rituals

Box Office Numbers - 03:58

Connect 3 - 07:00


Faster - 13:07

The King's Speech - 19:30

Love and Other Drugs - 26:08

Tangled - 33:40

Geek News

Hathaway and Franco Hosting the Oscars - 45:50

RIP Leslie Nielsen/Irvin Kershner - 52:15

The Hobbit shooting in 3D on RED EPIC cameras - 54:57

20th Century Fox sues woman over scripts - 01:00:53

Coming Soon

Black Swan - 01:12:15