Photos of Tom Cruise Running on the Side of a Skycraper for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL

If you didn't think Tom Cruise was crazy before, wait until you get a look at the photos of him running on the side of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, for a scene in the upcoming Brad Bird directed film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

At a recent press conference, Cruise said he would be "spending many days, many hours on the side of this building, I can’t give you details, but I will be up there.” I guess my theory of him being a window washer was wrong, unless this is how they are washing windows these days; running on the side of a building with a squeegee. 

In the images you see, Cruise is hanging from the building’s observation deck, which is 124 floors up. The stunt involved Cruise running across the side of the building while jumping over another actor, who was also hanging around on the side of the building. A helicopter was just 10 feet away to capture the scene from the outside.

Yes, Cruise is doing his own stunts here. It's a preference of his that he's talked about before, saying in a previous interview, 

I want to entertain the audience and part of making these movies is doing my own stunts. I love having the camera right there in front of me, where you can see me holding a shot all the way through. I think it adds to the excitement for an audience. It’s something that is challenging to do and fun for me.

Of course everyone was watching him nervously as he did this stunt. This is a pretty insane stunt! If anything went wrong he would have died. This is definitely the most dangerous stunt Cruise has ever done. 

Would you do it? Check out the photos below and tell us what you think!

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