FATHER AND GUNS Being Adapted By Peter Craig

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Fathers and Guns, the French-Canadian blockbuster is set to be adapted for U.S. audiences by Peter Craig for Sony Pictures. Doug Belgrad, president of Columbia Pictures announced the news of this project today. Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall are developing and producing this project along with Denise Robert and Emile Gaudreault, producer and writer-director, respectively, of the original film. 

De Père en flic is the highest-grossing French-language film ever released in Quebec and Canada. The film opened during the Summer of 2009 and was #1 at the box office.  It dominated the box office for the entire summer and raked in two-thirds of the summer's ticket sales for local films in Quebec. In addition, it out-grossed Hollywood like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by at least 50%.

The film is an action-comedy about two father and son cops who can't stand each other and are assigned to an investigation to infiltrate an outdoor adventure group-therapy camp for fathers and sons. This brings back memories for me of Danny Glover and Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon franchise for some reason.

Peter Craig has garnered a lot of attention since his screenwriting debut on The Town. Sony is hoping to capture the same success with Fathers and Guns as Craig did with The Town, which opened to #1 and has taken in almost $90 million domestically to date. Craig is currently writing the screenplay for Bad Boys 3. and is also the author of several books, including "Hot Plastic" and "Blood Father." 

What are your thoughts of this movie news?  Have you seen the original film that this is based on?

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