JACKASS 3.5 To Premiere Online March of 2011

Movieby Joey Paur

Paramount Pictures is preparing to release Jackass 3D online in March of 2011. Their plan is to release new clips from the film every week online, with new stunts and pranks, and then package them together as a feature length film. 

In a previous interview Johnny Knoxville said that ""For Jackass we shot enough footage for two movies so a lot of great stuff didn't make it in the film. Luckily you will get to see those bits in 3.5. We also shot some additional footage in Europe specifically for 3.5. I have staples in my head right now to prove it. Woo hoo!"

President of Paramount Digital Entertainment Thomas Lesinski added:

When the Jackass guys went to make Jackass 3D, we proposed that we shoot a follow up to the successful Jackass 2.5 digital feature alongside it, and everyone was up for it. In Jackass 3.5, you are going to see an entire movie’s worth of new stunts, new pranks and new gags, on whatever screen you choose.

There's no doubt Jackass 3.5 is going to be very successful. I'm sure whatever torture they put themselves through will not disappoint the fans. 

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