Season 2 of THE WALKING DEAD Might Not have a Writing Staff

I have some interestingly odd news to share with you regarding season 2 of The Walking Dead. Apparently the series writer/ executive producer/ director Frank Darabont has let go the writers who worked on the gloriously awesome first season of the show, including his Number 2 guy, writing executive producer Charles “Chic” Eglee

It's looking like the second season of the extremely popular well-received series won't even have a writing staff. According to Deadline, "Darabont is looking to forgo having a writing staff for the second season of Walking Dead altogether and assign scripts to freelancers." I didn't know this, but this kind of freelance writing model is employed by the Starz/BBC series Torchwood.

The first season of The Walking Dead only had six episodes, and the second season has an order of 13. It will be really interesting to see how they end up managing this with a bunch of freelance writers. I hope this little idea doesn't backfire on them.

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite TV shows, the writing, directing and acting has been awesome and my opinion is... why fix something that isn't broke? This freelance plan they are thinking about isn't set in stone... yet. There is also an option that includes using a combination of a writing staff and freelancers.

Whatever they end up doing with the production of next season, I hope to hell it keeps the high quality standards that the first season has set. 


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