Scarlett Johansson Cast in Cameron Crowe's WE BOUGHT A ZOO

Scarlett Johansson has officially been cast in Cameron Crowe's latest film project, We Bought A Zoo. She will star alongside Matt Damon, who was previously cast as the film's main character. The film is based on Benjamin Mee's memoir, and Johansson is set to play his wife in the movie. 

Here's the story description from the book:

Between his wife Katherine’s diagnosis of glioblastoma and her quiet death less than three years later, Benjamin Mee, his siblings and his mother bought a bedraggled zoo, complete with decaying buildings, a ragtag group of animals, an eclectic staff and a reputation that had been quickly going to the wolves. Mee writes about caring for his dying wife and their two young children, dealing with Code Red emergencies (when a dangerous animal escapes its confines), hiring staff, learning about his new two- and four-footed charges and setting his sights on refurbishing his zoo into a sanctuary for breeding and raising endangered animals.

I'm mostly excited for this movie because it's being directed by Cameron Crowe. I've always enjoyed his movies; I love his story telling techniques. However, I didn't really care for Elizabethtown, which was the last film he directed, five years ago. 

This sounds like a solid and emotional story that needs to be told on the big screen. 

What are your thoughts on Johansson being cast in the film?

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