Insiders Say SCREAM 4 Will Be The Bloodiest Entry Yet

Oh yeah! The word is that Scream 4 will be the bloodiest entry in the horror franchise so far and this makes my black heart happy. Would it be too much to ask for an R rating? Anyway Skip Crank ('Scream 1-4') and special FX makeup artist Gary Tunnicliffe (in his first venture) both told Bloody-Disgusting that Wes Craven didn't skimp on the red stuff at all. Check out what they had to say below.
Crank says;
"You know, like the poster says, 'new decade, new rules, We got a little bloodier on this one, a little bit more intense".
Tunnicliffe then added this;
"Every time I walked on set, the camera crew would go, 'oh, no.  All [of them] would look down and see what shoes they were wearing that day. Like, 'are my sneakers going to get ruined?' And then of course they would begin binding [everything in] plastic…like, 'Where’s it gonna go, where’s it gonna spray? Is it gonna get in my hair?' And Wes was like, 'You pussies! It’s a horror film!'"
Tunnicliffe also added this about Craven's request;
"There was one time when [Wes] asked, 'can you put some blood here on somebody?' And I was like, 'yeah'. And Wes was like, 'oh no, more than that'", said Tunnicliffe gleefully. "This was my first 'Scream', so a couple of times I was like, 'I don’t remember them being this bloody."
"I mean, a couple of times we thought…'Scream 4' [should be] one of those horror movies where it’s like crazy amounts of blood, And Wes was like, 'yeah, that’s a cool way to go.' Almost like 'Kill Bill', [but] we didn’t go that [far]. We still kept it within the realm of reality."
Crank then had one more thing to add about certain characters from Scream 3 and characters for Scream 4;
"Everyone wanted to be in itThere were people calling saying, 'I wanna do this'…of course, everyone wanted Matt Lillard back in there, and Jamie Kennedy, and how can we get this person to come back?…there are a lot of people in the film that show up that nobody knows about. It’ll be a big surprise."
Somehow Craven and company have kept these cameos under wraps and i'm loving it! Who knows who all will show up for this chapter but i'm ready!
Crank had one final thought;

"There are a lot of pictures out there that have people speculating…and that’s exactly what we intended to doSo you think you know what’s gonna happen, but you’re wrong."

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