Sam Rockwell Admits: "I copied everything I did in Galaxy Quest from Bill Paxton in Aliens"

Thanks to i09 we have some cool news straight from actor Sam Rockwell's mouth on his character Guy from Galaxy Quest and his inspiration for his character that he got from Aliens Bill Paxton.
In between shooting on Jon Favreau's Cowboys and Aliens i09 asked Rockwell about his upcoming character Doc;
 "I kind of serve as the Jimmy Stewart, Bill Paxton of the piece, I'm sort of like sincere but I have those moments of levity."
And after bringing up Paxton, he found it only right to give past credit where it was due.
"I copied everything I did in Galaxy Quest from Bill Paxton in Aliens, I owe him some credit."
Here's some video comparisons for your eyeballs!
Bill Paxton: Aliens
Sam Rockwell: Galaxy Quest
There's no inspiration on Rockwell's new character Doc describing him as more of an everyman, even though he posses moments of humor.
 Cowboys & Aliens  hits theaters on July 29th 2011.
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