Tom Sheppard to Adapt THE GROUNDING OF GROUP 6

Movieby Joey Paur

Remember that time when your parents sent you to boarding school and then they paid the school to have you killed? That seemed a little harsh didn't it? It's a good thing most of us survived that crazy ordeal. 

I know this didn't happen to any of you, and if it did happen, I'm sorry for bringing up some very sensitive issues. This is actually the storyline for a young adult novel written by Julian F. Thompson called The Grounding of Group Six, and it's going to get a adaptation for either the big screen or the small screen.

Tom Sheppard recently optioned the film and TV rights to the book. Sheppard is a three-time Emmy winner for animated series Back to the Barnyard and Pinky and the Brain. He is writing the script and plans to direct the film. 

This sounds like it could make for a good film or TV show. The premise is really dark and interesting.

Here's a description of the book:

As part of their high school orientation, a group of students hikes into the woods. What they don’t immediately realize is that their parents do not plan for them to come out alive. 

Five high schoolers are sent to (what they think) is a boarding school to get them on the right track. All of them have committed some type of misbehavior that has lead their parents to send them away--but none of them would have suspected that they were meant to be poisoned and thrown into a deep crevasse! No one expected Group 6 and their (young) advisor to make it back from their orientation camping trip alive...

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