VGA 2010: RESISTANCE 3 Game Trailer

Insomniac Games has released a new trailer for Resistance 3, and announced that the game will be released on the PlayStation 3 on September 6th 2011.

The game will not follow the main protagonist of the previous two games, Nathan Hale, since he was executed by Joseph Capelli in Resistance 2.  Instead it will follow the story of Joseph Capelli who was introduced in the previous installment, Resistance 2. The game takes place in 1957, 4 years after the events of Resistance 2, where Capelli has since started a family with Nathan's stepsister Susan. The chimera have since taken control over the planet, while the surviving humans have turned to cannibalism due to a lack of food. Capelli travels throughout the remnants of the United States through cities like New York City and St. Louis, Missouri where he meets old comrades such as Maliko.

Check out the trailer for the game below and hit us up with your thoughts!


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