Colin Firth to Star in Coen Brothers' GAMBIT Remake

Movieby Joey Paur

Colin Firth is currently in talks to star in the Coen Brothers' remake of the 1966 British action comedy Gambit. For those of you not familiar with the film it starred Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine

If officially cast Firth would play a cat burglar who attempts to rob a billionaire of his priceless statue. He enlists the help of a waitress who looks exactly like the victim’s dead wife. The burglar’s usual precision is clouded by his relationship with his accomplice. 

The Coens' True Grit is about to be released in theaters, and any fans of the Coen Brothers or westerns is going to love it! As for Colin Firth he's most likely going to get an Oscar nomination for his role in The King's Speech, which I heard was a wonderful film. Firth is a fantastic actor, and you can't really go wrong with the Coen Brothers.  I love the movies they make. This should be a great match up of talent for a fun movie like Gambit, which is right up the Coen Brothers ally. 

I'm sure this will end up being a really fun movie.


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