TWIC: Silver Surfer Series on the Way

Comic Book Marvel by Alan Trehern

Hey, Tyrants.  Let's cut the formalities and skip right to the important info: Norrin Radd, or the Silver Surfer, may have an on-going series in the near future.  What we know so far is that a 5-issue mini-series is happening, but as author Greg Pak points out:

Please buy multiple copies of this series if you'd like to make that happen...And yes, I have a number of stories that have been percolating in my head regarding the Surfer. So if there's a chance to do more, I'd be all over that.

If you take Trehern's opinion to heart at all, then the Silver Surfer is the way to go as far as superheroes are concerned.  He's got the power cosmic, hangs out with Galactus, and SURFS through the galaxy.  Space has always been a mystical and fascinating frontier to me, and seeing artwork and stories depicted with our universe as the backdrop are really cool to read.  As of late, however, the Surfer doesn't seem to get as much spotlight as he should.  Where's his tie-in movie, Marvel Studios?  Keep hope alive for the Sentinel of the Spaceways by picking up SILVER SURFER #1 in Feburary.

Artwork by Stephen Segovia.  Samples from and




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