Universal Pictures to Remake Stephen King's FIRESTARTER

Remake, after remake, after remake. It shouldn't surprise you that Universal Pictures is going to remake the 1984 Drew Barrymore thriller Firestarter, based on the story by legendary horror writer Stephen King

The studio has teamed up with Dino De Laurentiis Co. to "reboot" the film, and Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole) has been hired to write the script.

Even though King never wrote an sequel to this story, the studio is looking to turn the Firestarter remake into a franchise property. The report doesn't offer any plot details for the remake, but I imagine it will closely follow the original story. The one thing that was shared, is that the main character is to be "reinvented with a little more edge." As if a little 10 year old girl starting fires, and blowing shit up with her mind wasn't edgy enough? Maybe they'll give her an emo look this time around.

Smith is now working on the Firestarter script, and The Studio hopes to get the project into production next year. The next step is to bring on a director. 

I'm not too excited about this yet. Who knows what they have planned, but I have a feeling it's going to turn out being pretty disappointing. Whenever I hear the term "edgy" it makes me think they are going to make dumbed down movie targeted to teenagers. But, there's obviously a market for that these days. What do you all think?

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