APOLLO 18 Viral Blog has Launched - APOLLO TRUTH

Movieby Joey Paur

Today I got an e-mail from a guy by the name Tyler Gordon telling me about a a new website he started called ApolloTruth.org in which he writes about all things related to the space program. Gordon claims that the site is dedicated "to an amazing man, and his even more amazing stories. Major James Gordon, Ret. USAF. Pilot, astronaut… and my uncle." Here's what Gordon had to say in the e-mail he sent:

I write pretty regularly about the space industry and speculate about the mystery surrounding the Apollo missions, and why man hasn’t returned to the moon in nearly 40 years.

The blog is full of conspiracy theories, photos and videos that should keep you entertained for quite awhile. There's some great stuff in the blog that is definitely worth checking out! This whole blog seems like it is part of the Apollo 18 film that we've seen a few fun little viral things for so far, such as an interesting poster and video, and some top secret documents that leaked out that were also related to Apollo 18. 

Make sure you check out the new blog that's been unleashed and tell us what you think! I really like what Dimension Films is doing with the viral campaign for this film, of course I have fun reading into these kinds of conspiracy theories because they would make for some great movies which is what this whole Apollo 18 movie is all about. 

Apollo 18 will use a documentary-style that is based on "found footage" from Apollo 18's undocumented and covert mission to the moon, which revealed evidence of an alien life form.