James Mangold set to Direct THE GUNSLINGER

3:10 To Yuma director James Mangold has been hired to direct a new western revenge thriller called The Gunslinger.

Warners initially bought the spec script from John Hlavin (Underworld 4), back in May of 2009. The story is described as a contemporary Western, which centers on an ex-Texas Ranger who sets out to punish the men who killed his brother.

The script ended up on 2009's screenplay Black List, and here's the description from that which goes into more detail on the story and what it's compared to:

When a Texas Ranger is horrifically tortured and killed, his sharp-shooter older brother, Sam Lee Hensley, plots revenge against the mysterious, sadistic leader of a notorious drug cartel. Sam Lee’s quest for vengeance will cost him seven years in prison, his right hand and one eye. It will imperil his young nephew and wreak havoc on the lives of those who love him. And it will not bring him peace.

What it’s like: No Country For Old Men fused with Death Wish, graced by the melancholy of Unforgiven. Violent, macho, and action-packed, it’s as fun as a Dirty Harry script, but the remorse and grief of the central character linger long after the final gunshot.

Sounds pretty freakin' awesome to me! New Regency is now producing the film and they want to get the film moving fast. They are looking to start shooting it in spring. 

I'm always on board with Hollywood producing more westerns as long as they're good. This seems like a classic awesome revenge story of death, and it's got a solid director attached, so I think this could turn out being a great movie. I loved the remake of 3:10 to Yuma, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Mangold will bring to The Gunslinger.