2010 At The Movies - Another video collection of Films from this year

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

Here's another great little video collection of films that have been released in 2010. I'm sure we'll see a few more of these before the year is out and as long as they're entertaining I'll go ahead and share them with all of you.

This newest video was created by Zack Young and it's called 2010 At the Movies. Here's what Zack had to say about it:

A tribute to the movies that defined 2010. Instead of using as many selections as possible, I decided to choose 80 that I believe sum up 2010. Most picks are based around quality, a few on box office receipts, and a couple for the impact they had on me. Enjoy.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Thank to Zack for the heads up on his video!

Here's the music from the viedo (in order):

Mind Heist
By Zack Hemsey

Tell 'Em
By Sleigh Bells

By The XX

Meet Me In The Basement
By Broken Social Sc

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