First look: Check Out The Trailer For New Zombie Flick ZOMBIFIED


The newest zombie film to come along, Zombified, is currently seeking distribution through champion Entertainment. The film is directed by Todd Jason Cook and stars Rebecca Torellas, Mike Gebbie, Kathryn Rene Ginzel, Tayvis Dunnahoe, LisaWhiteman, Sabrina Cook, Joe Grisaffi, MeganHerrington, Alexia Roy, Carli Moser, Brad Roberson, and Joe Condoleo.

With a tagline like "Zombiefied - the first SLASHER film & ZOMBIE film cross-over!" I'll be checking it out for sure! 


Friends Angel and Tommy have kept a deadly secret that has tormented them for 13 years. A local concert becomes a bloodbath as the fans strangely become rageful zombies. An outbreak occurs, leaving members of the band separated. Now Angel and Tommy must face their fears to help save their friends. Things become more complicated when lead singer Alana is attacked by a twisted killer who knows the secret and the bodies are adding up. Zombiefied is the first film of its kind, combining SLASHER film and ZOMBIE film.






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