Todd Farmer Comments More On HALLOWEEN 3D

Continuing with his interview with Fango Todd Farmer has a little more to add about his and Patrick Lussier's Halloween 3D script and where it would pick up saying;
"The script for HALLOWEEN 3D...Patrick and I reread it recently and we really love it," Farmer told the mag. "We took Rob Zombie's story and continued it, but we did it in a way that sort of pulled it back to the John Carpenter tone and intention, and we didn't cheat. We didn't break any of the rules. We used the rules Zombie had established, and it felt good because it felt like a complete story, and we're still hopeful that one day it’ll happen. But all of the focus is on Hellraiser, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with what we've come up with."
I'd really like to see this film get made and if the "real" Hellraiser remake does well I just bet we'll see this happen peeps!
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