It's almost Christmas peeps! We're continuing with 'GeekTyrant's Week of Coolest Toys Ever' all the way 'till it's time to open all of them presents. Here's a cool one from just a few years back. Transformers Energon Unicron is freakin huge, intimidating  and with an updated color scheme, not like the original yellow from the early cartoons.  Check out the cool pictures below and a little info to go along with them.

Unicron stands 18" tall in robot mode, that's huge people! This Energon Unicron colors include black, translucent orange, grey, green and purple with "Energon" highlights throughout his body. This huge toy also has plenty of articulation! Pressing the right hand will cause it to light up and when you press the top of his head the eyes will light up and also light up when firing the super canon! His legs have missiles in the planet parts. Just tilt them down, attach a Minicon to the powerlink post, push forward, and they'll fire.

The prices on this bad boy range from around $80 out of the package and anywhere from $100 to $200 still MIB.

The ring itself can hold 26 Minicons, 27 when you Deadend on his mount. Between planet and robot mode Unicron can hold a total of 32 Minicons!
The paint scheme on the Energon Unicron looks way better and far more intimidating!
Here's a peak at the packaging.

 So, who all has one of these bad boys? This is another one that isn't in my collection simply because I'd have to work like 5 jobs to afford everything I want! Here's a link to the cheapest one still in the box if anybody has this kind of money to blow!
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