Week Of Coolest Toys Ever: McFarlane's TORTURED SOULS


GeekTyrant's 'Week of Coolest Toys Ever' continues with what I consider might be THE coolest set of horror related figures ever created. 

Todd McFarlane teamed up with legendary horror writer and the creator of Hellraiser Clive Barker for this horror series of figures. the figures quickly sold out, I was lucky enough to own 2 sets of 7" Tortured Souls and still do to this day! Figures/characters include AGONISTES, LUCIDQUE, MONGROID, SCYTHE MEISTER, TALISAC and VENAL ANATOMICA:  A movie was even talked about and still very much could happen. Of course looking at these great creations you can see they all resemble our favorite Cenobites and to me these characters have as much imagination in detail as they do. They all had their own back story (click here) on how all of this happened to them too. So check out the cool pictures below, head over to Ebay to see if you can be the lucky bidder on figures cool like this! Oh did I mention McFarlane even did a cool 12" line too, there's a pic fo that too peeps!


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