Awesome Final STAR WARS Trilogy Posters from Mondo Tees!

Over the last few months we've been featuring an incredible series of Star Wars inspired poster art from Mondo Tees. This series of Star Wars prints have now come to an end. The final posters released for the series were created by artist Tyler Scout, who did an outstanding job re-creating posters for the original Star Wars trilogy.

I've always enjoyed the posters that Scout has created, and I love what he did with these posters. It's a perfect ending to this amazing series of Star Wars art.

If you want to snag a set of these, they are going to go up for sale on Mondo's site at some random time on New Years Eve. The good thing about this is that the print run is the biggest Mondo has ever done with 850 prints for the regular and 275 for the variants. They'll still go fast though. 

There's a great little interview with Mondo's Justin Ishmael as he talks about this Star Wars poster series, and these final posters by Tyler Scout. Here's a little of what he had to say,

We received the Star Wars posters in order. We planned the whole series and their releases in advance, yet none of it quite worked as originally intended. We had two prints with Yoda, and a few of Luke, and we originally hoped it would be several weeks or months between Yoda, and several weeks or months between A New Hope and an Empire, then skipping between movies.  We had this whole document with everything laid out and then complications came up. The artists didn’t get it in on time, or LucasFilm didn’t approve this one, or approved this one. So, we shelved our initial schedule and simply released them when we got them in.

Check out the posters below and tell us what you think!

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