Watchmen Fan Creates Morphing Rorschach Mask that Actually Works

This is so freakin' cool! You can make a working Rorschach ink blot mask that actually morphs and it's very impressive. There's a couple of videos embedded below for you to watch, one of which shows you how to make a mask for yourself. I guess this years Comic-Con is going to be full of Watchmen fans whose Rorschach's masks really work. 

Here's a little description of how the mask works:

Using Thermochromic paint pigment and clear screen printing base, you can now make an ink blot mask that changes like the character Rorschach from the movie the watchmen. As you breath in and out, the color of the mask changes from black to white wherever the wearer's breath hits it and warms it to a point above 86 degrees F.

I honestly never thought I'd see a actual working Rorschach ink blot mask, but here it is! Check out the video's below and tell us what you think!

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